Brand repositioning for newly acquired messaging company.

Brand repositioning for newly acquired messaging company.

Massenversand are an application-to-business messaging company based in Dresden, Germany. They provide their customers with direct access to local mobile networks, enabling businesses to send SMS marketing campaigns to their customers.



User Research
UX Design
UI Design




Approximately 4 weeks

The Problem

Following the acquisition of Massenversand, the decision was taken to carry out a re-design of the current website in order to update and align the look and feel so that it could be repositioned within the family of brands within the parent company. This was important to ensure post acquisition that we were attracting the right demographic of users, which were primarily based in the finance sector.

The Solution

It was decided that the majority of content would be retained from the old site, along with the logo and most of the original colour palette in order to not deviate too far from the brand as it stood due to it already having an established position in the market and a loyal customer base, however, all UI elements within the pages of the site were within the scope of the redesign.


Styles & Components

To create the high fidelity prototype I and ensure the branding was applied consistentlyI created a style guide which included a colour palette and typographic scale, both of which were applied using an 8pt grid system. Defining styles and components at the start of the project helped me to easily and quickly design the screens for multiple pages of the website.



The result of the re-design alongside related Marketing activities lead to an uplift in traffic to the website, a reduction in bounce rate and an increase in pages per session, overall showing a marked improvement in visitor engagement.